My Week in Review: Jan 29

“Knowing and knowing what to do about it were two different things.” Richard Russo, Mohawk

mohawk-russo-bioRead: I’m a sucker for novels about small towns. Some of my favorite fiction is set in a remote or small community (e.g. Death in Holy Orders, Straight Man, Winesburg, Ohio, etc.). Mohawk (1986) is Russo’s first novel  and was harshly panned treated by critics, “not a cliche unturned.” I found it an enjoyable read nonetheless. 

“I’m lookin’ at a tin star with a…drunk pinned on it.” Cole Thornton, El Dorado


Watched: Between 1959 and 1970, the movie Rio Bravo was remade twice, with all three films directed by Howard Hawks, written by Leigh Brackett, and starring John Wayne. The finest of the three is probably Rio Bravo (1959) but the second film, El Dorado (1967), is a fine re-make and a great example of a  classic, mid-twentieth century western.

“A fine summation of the group’s style was offered on its 2008 album, Oblivion.” Lexington Herald (2011)

oblivionListened: The Faux Frenchmen have been a part of the Cincinnati jazz scene for 15 years and offer some of the best gypsy jazz in this part of the country. Oblivion is their second of album. You can hear them live in a local cafe nearly every week during the winter.

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