Reflections on two years

It’s been quite a while since I posted anything personal on my blog. It’s also been two years this week since I started a new job at Wheaton College. Here’s what I’ve been up two in the last two years.

Shortly before we moved, Faith and I took a short trip to Southern California. We enjoyed the exploring San Diego, hiking in Joshua Tree, exploring a mission, and just spending time together.


Joshua Tree National Park



Mission San Luis Rey



Seals and Sea Lions

I started a new position at Wheaton College (IL) as the librarian for outreach and promotion and the group leader for the teaching and outreach group. I’m grateful to have been welcomed into a wonderful community of scholars and friends.

2017-08-14 14.27.50.jpg

Blanchard Hall, Wheaton College (IL)


2017-07-21 12.57.19-2.jpg

Buswell Library, Wheaton College (IL)

We Moved . . . Again.
We lived in three different homes in under three years, leading our middle daughter to ask a few hours into a road trip, “where we were going to be living now?” When we first moved from Cincinnati we rented for a year to give us time to get a sense of the neighborhood and one year ago we purchased our home in Wheaton, IL. Nevertheless, we’ve had lots of fun exploring our new neighborhood and places nearby.


An afternoon at Lincoln Park Zoo



A quick visit to the Shedd Aquarium downtown



Enjoying the gardens at Cantigny



Picking apples in Wisconsin



Exploring St. James Farm

We welcomed a third little girl to our family, Charlotte Ruth.


Clara and Charlotte

One of the more exciting aspects of my job has been participating in the planning project for a proposal to expand the college library. Part of the planning involved a fair amount of travel. Between travel for meetings, conferences, and committee work across the last couple of years I was able to visit nearly twenty other libraries. Here are some of my favorites:

Tutt Library, Colorado College
Anderson Academic Commons, University of Denver
Joe and Rika Mansueto Library, University of Chicago
Patricia R. Guerierri Academic Commons, Salisbury University
Suzzallo Library, University of Washington

It’s been a great two years but I’m looking forward to a few less changes in the next two.

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