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Preservation Ecosystem

One of the many ways that libraries help to preserve the memories, documents, and other artifacts that sustain human communities is through preservation. In an increasingly digital world, issues of digital preservation are vital. Here’s one way that several universities are working together to help preserve our collective heritage.

Colonial North American Project

Harvard Library is in the process of digitizing and releasing all known archival and manuscript materials in the Harvard Library that relate to 17th and 18th century North America. More information HERE.

Academic Librarians and Working Space



Wiener Library in Camden Town, London, UK

The design firm Sasaki Associates released a 2015 survey, of more than 400 librarians at nearly 200 institutions, on their work spaces and here’s what they found.


Image credit to https://www.flickr.com/photos/peterhess/6021938898/in/photostream/