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Moving forward after professional rejection

In any profession, as in life, rejection will come. How we handle rejection is important, and  shares some great thoughts on how to handle professional rejection on a reject ACRLlog post.

Here’s a snippet: 
“Rejection comes in many forms, but the rejection that I am talking about is the type you get in this profession. Rejection of a proposal, job-position, book chapter, grant, or article. As a first-year academic librarian, the first year (so far) has been great, stressful, and eye-opening. I would not trade this for the world, but that also means accepting what comes with it.” Read the rest here.

Building an E-Book Collection


Image credit to  https://www.flickr.com/photos/hiperactivo/

Amanda Jacobs Foust, former Electronic Services Librarian for Marin County Free Library, provides a 50 minute presentation on how to build and develop and e-book collection.

Slides (PDF)

Handout (PDF)


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Peer Review: A Guide


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For folks who are new to a scholarly discipline, a term that you’ll soon learn is “peer review”. Something that is both a bane and blessing to higher education. But first, what is peer review? Or, what does it at least aspire to be? A good answer can be found here.

But where did peer review come from? A good answer can be found here.

Once you’ve begin to publish, the opportunity for you to become a reviewer will arise. So, should you review? If you choose to do so, how? Good advice about how to be a good reviewer can be found here and here.